Who should we get definitive answers from on fair housing questions?  

What fair housing laws and regulations should my agency be familiar with?  

Our city does not manage or own any housing at all; do we still have fair housing responsibilities?  

Is there a simple explanation of what government agencies’ obligations are under fair housing laws?  

What does affirmatively furthering fair housing mean?  

My city or the neighborhoods I work in are not as diverse as some nearby areas. Can I let those who work in more diverse areas take responsibility for fair housing compliance in our region?  

What are some examples of how government actions have fair housing components?  

How do code enforcement and fair housing fit together?  

Are cities required to make changes or exceptions to city codes or ordinances for people with disabilities?  

Our city inspectors have cited a homeowner who has a “garbage house” for being a dangerous fire hazard. The homeowner says that she has a disability. Does this mean we can’t enforce the safety codes?  

I am the animal control officer for our township and I went to a training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), so I should be good to go for anything that comes to me, right?  

I am a building inspector and the owner of a townhome asked me if he has to allow his tenant to build a ramp to the front door. Does he?  

I am a social worker and a client of mine needs a power door opener installed so they can get in and out of their apartment building. Can they get the owner to install a power door opener?  

The police department in our city is committed to keeping it safe and peaceful for all residents. We’d like a “three strikes, you’re out” policy...  

Do fair housing laws require landlords and the police to overlook drug and alcohol abuse and the resulting effects on the community?  

I inspect apartments for the city for code compliance. If I hear tenants asking questions about fair housing issues, what should I tell them?  

Are we required to have all of our documents and notices in different languages?  

Some of my social service clients say that their landlords threaten to report that they are undocumented. Is this discrimination?  

Is it legal to discriminate on the basis of age? We have lots of college students in our area...  

So what is “familial status” discrimination?  

Is it ever okay for a housing provider to refuse to rent to families with children?  

I work with some families who receive Section 8 vouchers and have a hard time finding landlords who will accept them. Can landlords refuse to accept Section 8 vouchers?  




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