Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications -
Information for Housing Providers

Fair Housing laws require housing providers to make changes (or "accommodations") to policies, rules, or services when these changes will enable a person with a disability to have equal opportunity to use or enjoy their home.

Likewise, some tenants may request changes to the structure or "hardscape" of an apartment because of their disability, such as a ramp installed in the public entry way or grab bars in their bathroom. These are called "modifications", and the law also requires housing providers to grant reasonable modification requests.

But what does "reasonable" mean? How can a landlord know if a person has a disability? And who has to pay for it?

The most definitive resources on these topics are the Joint Statements written by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Justice. They answer the above questions, as well as others that housing providers may have when dealing with accommodation and modification requests.

Click here to view the HUD/DOJ Joint Statement on Reasonable Accommodations.
Click here to view the HUD/DOJ Joint Statement on Reasonable Modifications.




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