What Is Housing Discrimination?  

What is a "protected class"?  

What are the protected classes under federal law?  

Are there additional protected classes in Minnesota?  

What does "familial status" cover?  

What is a disability under the law?  

Is sexual harassment covered by fair housing law?  

Who must obey the law?  

What kind of housing is covered?  

I thought some housing was not covered. Is that true?  

I thought only federal housing was covered by federal law.  

What are some examples of housing discrimination?  

Is the Fair Housing Act the same thing as the Americans with Disabilities Act?  

What is a reasonable accommodation?  

Do I have to pay for a reasonable accommodation?  

What is a reasonable modification?  

Do I have to pay for a reasonable modification?  

What are requirements for housing to be accessible?  

What are the law's design and construction requirements?  

If a tenant has children, I add $50 extra per child to the security deposit since kids usually cause more damage than normal. Is this legal?  

I have a two-story apartment building and I don't rent apartments above the first floor to people with small children. Children are much more active, running and jumping, so I get fewer neighbor complaints when they are on the first floor. Is this legal?  

I recently placed an advertisement for a vacant unit that read "A great building for single professionals." Was this legal?  

Can I have a "No Pets" policy?  

I have a "No Pets" policy at all the apartment buildings I own. I recently had a visually impaired tenant who needed a seeing eye dog apply for a unit..  

A tenant recently asked for an accommodation to have an emotional support animal. This dog doesn't have any formal training as a service animal. Do I have to let her have the dog?  

I just received a rental application for a two-bedroom unit from a family of four: two adults and two children. One of the children is a boy and the other is a girl.  

I recently found out that the on-site manager of the building I own has been harassing the female tenants. Am I legally liable for this?  

A disabled tenant at one of my apartment buildings wants to install a ramp. Do I have to let her do this?  

What should I look for in selecting a tenant?  

Do I have to accept people on welfare or social security?  

Under state or federal law, can an owner of an apartment complex refuse to rent any of its apartments to a family solely because the family includes a minor child?  

I've seen advertising for "senior only" buildings. Can they legally exclude children?  

I would like to limit the number of people in my apartments to two adults and two children. Is there a problem with this?  

I recently painted my apartments. Must I rent to people in wheelchairs who may bump into and mark the walls?  

Can I refuse to rent to couples living together who are not married?  

A young man came to look at an apartment, and he did not appear to be well. I'm afraid he has AIDS. Do I have to rent to him?  

A family with several children came to look at one of our apartments. The children were noisy and unruly, yelling and running in the hallways...  

Can I refuse to rent to people whose sexual orientation offends me?  

If an applicant or tenant requests an accommodation due to a disability, can a housing provider require documentation that he or she needs the accommodation?  

The apartments on the upper floors of my building have balconies. I don't think they're safe for children to play. Can I refuse to rent these apartments to families with young children?  

Do I have to rent to sexual offenders or people with criminal histories?  

If I make a reasonable accommodation for one person, say to allow a companion animal in my "no pets" building, what do I tell the other tenants about this?  

Do I have to rent to someone with a Section 8 voucher?  

I am opposed to people relying on the government. Can I refuse to accept tenants whose damage deposits are paid by government agencies?  

We just received a civil rights complaint. What happens now?  

What are good practices to make sure my business does not discriminate?  

What resources are out there for housing providers to learn more?  




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