What Is Housing Discrimination?  

What is a "protected class"?  

What are the protected classes under federal law?  

Are there additional protected classes in Minnesota?  

What does "familial status" cover?  

What is a disability under the law?  

Is sexual harassment covered by fair housing law?  

Who must obey the law?  

What kind of housing is covered?  

I thought some housing was not covered. Is that true?  

I thought only federal housing was covered by federal law.  

What are some examples of housing discrimination?  

Is the Fair Housing Act the same thing as the Americans with Disabilities Act?  

What is a reasonable accommodation?  

What is a reasonable modification?  

What are requirements for housing to be accessible?  

What are the law’s design and construction requirements?  

Can a landlord deny me housing because I have a Section 8 voucher?  

If a landlord has a "No Pets" policy, can he/she refuse to rent to me if I need a guide dog/companion animal?  

Can landlords have a “kids’ section?”  




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